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Private Reports & Fees

About charging fees:

The NHS provides most health care free of charge. However there are a number of other services for which fees can be charged. These are mainly for services not covered by the NHS, such as medical reports for insurance companies. Doctors are involved in a whole range of non-medical work, largely on the basis that they occupy a position of trust within the community, and are in the position to verify the accuracy of information. If a GP signs a certificate or completes a report, it is a professional duty that s(he) checks the accuracy of such information. This may involve examining the patient's entire medical record.

What certificates do I have to pay for?

There are a number of certificates which GPs are obliged to provide free of charge. These include certain certificates supporting claims by patients for social security benefits. If a patient is off work for seven days or less the GP does not have to provide a sick note. A patient can be refused a note or charged for a private one for illnesses of seven days or less.

Fees For Medical Reports, Letters, etc: (updated July 2016)

Private GP Consultation - 20 MinutesPatient60 (£)
Private Repeat Prescriptions For Non-NHS PatientsPatient30 (£)
Diagnostic Blood TestsPatientCall For Price
Access to records under Data Protection ActWho Pays?Charge
Computerised recordsPatient10 (£)
Manual records or combination of manual/computer recordsPatient/Solicitor50 (£)
Administration Charge for sending by recorded deliveryPatient /Solicitor10 (£)
Adoption and FosteringWho Pays?Charge
Form IHA Initial Health AssessmentAdoption fees normally paid by parent; fostering by NHS, but sometimes paid by  the adoption/fostering  agency58.12 (£)
Forms M, B Obstetric Neonatal reportsAdoption fees normally paid by parent; fostering by NHS, but sometimes paid by  the adoption/fostering  agency44.95 (£)
Forms C, D, YP or AME Full examination of childAdoption fees normally paid by parent; fostering by NHS, but sometimes paid by  the adoption/fostering  agency97.91 (£)
Form AH Health assessment, Prospective carerAdoption fees normally paid by parent; fostering by NHS, but sometimes paid by  the adoption/fostering  agency73.86 (£)
Form AH2 Update report, parent/carerAdoption fees normally paid by parent; fostering by NHS, but sometimes paid by  the adoption/fostering  agency24.36 (£)
Childminder (Ofsted health declaration booklet)Patient/Employer56.25 (£)
Examination of children in /for care-first examAdoption fees normally paid by parent; fostering by NHS, but sometimes paid by  the adoption/fostering  agency37.99 (£)
Subsequent examAdoption fees normally paid by parent; fostering by NHS, but sometimes paid by  the adoption/fostering  agency24.36 (£)
Freedom from infection for children for careAdoption fees normally paid by parent; fostering by NHS, but sometimes paid by  the adoption/fostering  agency24.36 (£)
Attendance allowance/disability living allowanceWho Pays?Charge
GP factual reportDWP33.60 (£)
DS1500DWP17.70 (£)
Blue Badge & Freedom Pass schemesWho Pays?Charge
Report onlyLocal authority25.15 (£)
Examination and reportLocal authority39.22 (£)
Letter of Appeal against adverse decisionPatient50 (£)
BUPA, PPP, WPA, Private medical insurance (PMI)Who Pays?Charge
Report on prospective subscriber PMI ? Extract from recordsInsurance Company69 (£)
Complete/sign GP authorisation form Patient25 (£)
Full medical exam and reportInsurance Company169.50 (£)
Certificates and formsWho Pays?Charge
Lasting Power of Attorney - Property and Financial AffairsPatient166 (£)
Lasting Power of Attorney - Health and WelfarePatient166 (£)
Application For Naturalisation as a British Citizen - form AN from the UK Border AgencyPatient - bring photograph40 (£)
Criminal injuries compensation report on pro formaCriminal Injuries Authority38 (£)
Freedom from infection certificatePatient25 (£)
Letter re fitness to exercise, travel etcPatient35 (£)
Passport application (including counter-signing photograph)No longer done. Due to change in regulations from Passport and Identity Service, the practice can no longer countersign passport applications. Date 27.10.201260 ( need to patient and seen at practice for 2 yrs) (£)
Private Sick Note (any sick note within 7 days is private)Patient25 (£)
Provident Association claim form (e.g. BUPA/PPP)Patient40 (£)
School fees insurance claim formPatient40 (£)
Fitness to attend state schoolLocal authority40 (£)
Fitness for sport, school, university, etcPatient40 (£)
Health Certificate to attend university, college, teacher and nurses trainingPatient/Employer70 (£)
Dentists, completion of Application for first registration of a dentist (GDC)Patient70 (£)
PADI Fitness for Diving Medical StatementPatient55 (£)
DrivingWho Pays?Charge
Full physical medical examination and report, eg HGV, PSV, some minicab applications (GP will confirm fee on sight of application form)Patient110 (£)
Limited physical examination (eg BP check & Vision check) with report eg London Taxi & Private Hire Medical Declaration (GP will confirm fee on sight of application form)Patient70 (PCO Form) (£)
Report no examination (20 to 30 mins)Patient60 (£)
Extract from records (15 mins)Patient60 (£)
Report to DVLA with examinationDVLA40 (£)
Report to DVLA No examinationDVLA23 (£)
Seat belt exemptionPatient70 (£)
Eelderly driver certificatesPatient70 (£)
Driving licence photographPatient40 (£)
PCV/LGV driverPatient/Employer100.50 (£)
Local Authority PCV/LGV driverLocal authority90.50 (£)
Employment - Local Authority/Police/NHSWho Pays?Charge
Shotgun or Firearms Medical ReportPatient45 (£)
Police/Local Authority medical exam, certificate, opinionLocal Authority109.50 (£)
Local Authority/Police: report without examination (30 mins)Local Authority74.50 (£)
Extract from records (no examination or opinion -15 min)Local Authority37.50 (£)
LA/Police Medical for higher grade appointmentLocal Authority109.50 (£)
NHS Employee ProspectiveLocal NHS Body39.22 (£)
Fireman's Medical ExaminationFire Master109.50 (£)
Fireman's Medical Examination for Continuation of part time FMFire Master109.50 (£)
Employment - PrivateWho Pays?Charge
Full medical with report or certificate (private/insurance - 45mins)Patient/Employer/Insurance169.50 (£)
Report without examination (private/insurance -30mins)Patient/Employer/Insurance109.50 (£)
Report on Pro-forma (20mins)Patient/Employer/Insurance73.50 (£)
Extract from records (no examination or opinion -15 min)Employer55 (£)
Certificate of Incapacity - this can includeat the GP's discretion - a To Whom It May Concern letter with brief details of a patient's medical conditionPatient30 (£)
Extract from recordsWho Pays?Charge
Private (15 mins)Employer55 (£)
Government /Local authority33 (£)
Fitness for sport, school, university, etcWho Pays?Charge
Examination and reportPatient/Insurance company132 (£)
Extract from records 15minsPatient/Insurance company55 (£)
Short Certificate of IncapacityPatient/Insurance company40 (£)
Insurance (Accident)Who Pays?Charge
Examination and reportInsurance Company/Patient148 (£)
Report without examination. Medical opinion to be included at GP's discretion.Insurance Company/Patient109.50 (£)
Report on pro forma (20 mins)Insurance Company/Patient66 (£)
Extract from recordsInsurance Company/Patient66 (£)
Short certificateInsurance Company/Patient55 (£)
Insurance (Sickness)Who Pays?Charge
Examination and reportInsurance Company/Patient169.10 (£)
Extract from records (15 mins)Insurance Company/Patient56 (£)
Certificate of IncapacityInsurance Company/Patient55 (£)
Insurance Claim form completionPatient45 (£)
Life AssuranceWho Pays?Charge
GP examination own patientInsurance Company149.50 (£)
GP report no examinationInsurance Company109.50 (£)
GP supplementary reportInsurance Company25 (£)
Certificate of ExistencePatient25 (£)
Local AuthorityWho Pays?Charge
Work in Surgery 2 ½ to 31/2 hoursLocal Authority402.50 (£)
Work in Surgery Short session 1 hourLocal Authority134 (£)
Work out of Surgery 2 ½ to 31/2 hoursLocal Authority201.50 (£)
Work out of Surgery short session 1 hourLocal Authority77.50 (£)
Lecture to the publicLocal Authority58.56 (£)
Emergency Visits 9AM to 8PMLocal Authority25.68 (£)
Emergency Visits 8PM  to 9AMLocal Authority52.06 (£)
Council tax Certificate of severe impairmentFree (£)
Mental Capacity CertificateWho Pays?Charge
With examinationSolicitor/Guardian160 (£)
No examinationSolicitor/Guardian85 (£)
Mental Health Psychiatric Examination- non specialist feeLocal Authority53.76 (£)
Private Medical Examinations and ReportsWho Pays?Charge
To Whom It May Concern Letter in Support of RehousingPatient60 (£)
Full examination with report or certificate, eg Candidate for the Priesthood Medical Examination ReportPatient/Employer/Insurance145 (£)
Government DepartmentGovernment Department60 (£)
Report no examination - Private (30 mins)Patient/Employer/Insurance109.50 (£)
Report no examination - Report on Pro-forma (20mins)Patient/Employer/Insurance73 (£)
Extract from records - Private (15 mins)Patient/Employer/Insurance73 (£)
Travel AbroadWho Pays?Charge
Pregnant Woman's Medical Certificate Attesting Fitness to Fly noting their good health and indicating the baby's expected date of birthPatient60 (£)
Fitness to travel certificate - pre-existing illnessPatient35 (£)
Prescription for drugs required solely for purpose e.g. Malaria tabPatient25 (£)
Vaccination certificatePatient25 (£)
Holiday cancellation simple certificateInsurance Company/Patient40 (£)
Holiday cancellation insurance claimInsurance Company/Patient65 (£)
Simple letter detailing prescription medicines with Surgery stampPatient10 (£)
Treasury RatesWho Pays?Charge
Extract from records42 (£)
Report written (eg 45 mins)128 (£)
Medical examination and report/complex 169.50 (£)
written report and opinion (eg 60 mins)169.50 (£)
Sessional fee (eg 3 hrs) .339.50 (£)
Treasury rate  for Work in surgery339.50 (£)
Extract from records37.50 (£)
Report on pro forma (eg 20 mins)49 (£)
Report written (eg 30 mins)74.50 (£)
Medical examination and report in surgery (eg 45 mins)109.50 (£)
Session (eg 3 hours)450 (£)
Treasury rates are applicable to: AXA/PPP Healthcare Occupational Health Services Ltd, Department for Education and Skills (DfES), Department for Work and Pensions (Disability Support Division), Department of Trade and Industry (Coal Liabilities), Highlands and Islands Airport uthority (HIA), NHS Pensions Agency, Northern Ireland Civil Service Occupational Health Service.